February - mixed emotions

February was short, dark and cold.
I started working and struggling with lack of time again. 
But even so I finished some projects and to be honest enjoyed heartwarming vibe in relationship with hotel guests. People were really nice, so it was not that bad :)
As in winter we are just few in hotel team we do little bit of everything.
Beside my work at the reception I was serving breakfast. I loved talking to the guests, giving tips about island best spots, giving birthday greetings with air balloons and confetti and songs. Taking care about their comfort and wishes.
Preparing beautifully layered latte macchiato...You know, I love make things beautiful, so just transferred this my quality to everything I do...lol
I loved our guests and they adored me.

This winter was colder and almond trees started blooming about one month later.
These are the first blooms.

Mixed emotions necklaces - this time with some shiny glazes I mixed by myself in my studio

Another custom "Raised from ashes"

Pit firing results are unpredictable always. You never know how the beads will be colored untill the firing is finished, beads are cooled, washed and dried.

Beautiful yet simple design. Just exactly how I imagined it.

Tiny nebulosas, galaxies and constellations....

In February I joined Urban Jungle Bloggers community with a post about hanging planters. 

These planters I've made are funny and quirky. I love them for that. My husband says they remember him Gaudí. I'd love to follow this line of planters to make more and bigger ones.
At this moment there are few left in my online store here

This gourd container and spoon have been claimed for a gift. Such an awesome gift indeed! :)
I made more spoons. These have been bisque fired already. More spoons are on the way.

There is somethinz zen in this shape...something yin and yang :)  

Well, perhaps February wasn't that cold....we found these flowers during our walk at Sa Bassa Rotja

There are few routes for walking in finca. We have choosen the shortest one - green one.

My little big people

Amazing sunset palette

A paradise


Four days in Frankfurt am Main (and little bit in Köln)

Some pictures from my travel to Frankfurt am Main and Köln (Cologne) - Germany

View from my room - a huge tree I fallen in love with from the first sight! We are not used to see such tall trees here...

Beautiful light installations Winterlichter  at Palmengarten

I talked to the trees

Snowdrops - Schneeglöckchen

There are a lot of green spots in between of skyscapers. Trees are tall and beautiful. 

I love how german people struggle to spend quality time outdoor. Blankets for everybody on cafes terraces!  Love it!

Frankfur downtown was almost completely ruined during the second world war. These traditional houses were re-built and are considered like something artificial by my friend.

Zum Gemalten Haus - a traditional German tavern. People share tables, speak loud, heartwarming atmosphere. Apple wine.

My friend took me to Jazzkeller - a jazz pub in the center of the city. Beautiful evening with Jesse Davis quintet and Natalie John

book I read during my travel. easy to read and fun.

Book shelves on the streets! Leave a book you don't need anymore and take a book of your interest. Loved this much!
There are really a lot of flower shops in Frankfurt! And I loved this old fashioned facade.

Frankfurt metro - just something about transport, like in most european metros I've been. I'll always compare european metros with pompous Moscow metro.
Bridge that unites 2 part of the city Sachsenhausen and Frankfurt.

Art installation about Brothers Grimm tales.  You could listen for tales in German. As I don't speak German that much, i was starring at amazing sculptures by Shaun Tan. At Angewandtekunst museum. If I translate correctly: Handicrafts museum.

Another installation  - My dad's arms are a big boat. My friend read and translated the book for me. It was a touching story and beautifully made illustrations.
Everybody needs a big boat sometimes...

Oak leaves at Palmengarten.

I picked these leathes and brought them home to Majorca. Later on I was using them in my first silversmith sawing project.

Palmengarten. Huge trees..breathtaking...

Air plant in Palmengarten botanical garden. I thought I'll finally see  the snow and a real winter. Nothing about that,...  I found myself in moist and hot tropics.

A lady who came to knit in the botanical garden. Love the colors she has choosen...

I was treated too good :)
Arriving to Cologne by train. I stumbled upon the cathedral already inside the train station. I just shouted: Wow!

Kölnerdom. Cologne cathedral. Very imposing and beautiful from outside.

I visited Roemisch-Germanisches museum in Cologne by my friend's suggestion.
I found an absolutely crazy collection of pre-historic and roman times pottery and jewelry. So very inspiring!
The End