March - transformations

Silver, sheet and wire, pure gold, fire and my skill and eye

"Patches of light"

windfall twings collected in the forest became clasps 

these transformed into these....

once high fired these stoneware and porcelain beads were put together with some gemstones, woden beads and silk thread

Sterling silver sheet. Sawed, textured, adorned wit pure gold and oxidized became a pair of earrings

I called them "Papyrus"

these beads once fired and then, pit fired became beautiful earthy and very organic ones

I mixed ingredients into a glaze and then glazed those beads

Beads, once glazed and fired - became beautiful turquoise color beads - turned into earrings.

Some things had transformed in a very interesting way :)

Spring came and transformed it all. Boys saw a bird's  nest in the forest.

life after life

we hunted wild asparagus

late almond trees blooms and green grass - for the first time I saw this picture in this way and I love it. I found myself transformed.

I got some magic in the mail box. Someone put much love and thoughts in this package. I felt treated and grateful, indeed.

My little growing family of gourd shaped pieces.

Be the change you want to see in the world

I love succulents

It's time for a spring hair cut!

We went to a see musical about Michael Jackson which was amazing!