Like every year, month of July started with my birthday.

This year I decided to spend it with dirty hands, following my passion  - making pots

I went to Ramon Fort pottery school- residence at Llers, Catalonia.

I lived there for a week sharing space with lots of lovely people

We worked a lot every day, sometimes it was satisfying, sometimes - frustrating

but I went home very encouraged, I learned really a lot.

Bruc knows the most cool places at the workshop - it was sooo  hot!

me throwing a big bowl

quality check. not bad at all!

My "baby showers" :) - my first time on mechanical potter's wheel. So exciting!

impulsing the wheel with one foot.

Great atmosphere here, much laughter, dynamic work.

our pots ...with body and soul...

there was time for rest as well

Amazing chawans by Ramon Fort.

Hello again, Mallorca!
...and started another course - Ceramic glazes workshop at Pilar nad Joan Miró foundation in Palma with Joan Pere Català

we produced hundreds and hundreds of low and high tº ceramic samples

Visiting Joan Miró museum

It wasn't easy combining the course with the work, but I managed. It was a loong month...
Meanwhile I was learning here and there, my sweet family was waiting for me at home...


June. Connecting to the nature, connecting to my-self...

Farewell to the Spring...welcome, Summer...

Almost invisible threads that connect Spring and Summer....

Almost invisible threads that create tension and make Universe run...

glazing sessions, loading the kiln.

Glazing gourd tumblers.

thin glaze layer will vitrify (become crystal) once fired up to 1260-1300ºC. 
My kiln - loaded to the top. Let the firing start!

Big feast opening the kiln...after 14 long hours of firing and 14 more hours of cooling down.

Packing orders, feeling grateful 

all this magic...

...came out from my kiln...

My wonderful model.

Beginning of Summer

My travel to Ramon Fort ceramic school started!

See you soon, Mallorca! 

I kept walking