Windfalls - the Nature is always inspiring 

Fig tree logs, almond tree windfalls, air plants  -on the entrance to my studio
testing my gourd shaped stoneware tumblers - dairy free coffee with coconut oil-carob syrup

jasmine flowers and walnuts from our garden

Jasmine rather like lavender were my dream always - now I grow both plants in my garden

black high tº clay body - can't wait to see these babies glazed!

I'm in process of designing of my little (or big) line of pottery. Voilà - The Spoon!

How sweet you are, scoops, I love you! 
Found some vintage saucers to sell together with my gourd shaped planters

New pictures and much flowers for this quirky collection of vessels and planters

Some beautiful Mixed emotions necklaces were born in October

Hand sculpted, hand carved, born from scratch..

A brave mix of simple red clay, pit fired, glazed and unglazed beads - results of my studio experiments put together

Carved porcelain, black clay....

Pit fired and marbled clay beads

Sunrise somewhere between Vilafranca and Porreres - sometimes it worths waking up too early. Many times I don't carry camera with me.


I had a huge pleasure to meet a soulmate. We have so many things in common...it's really incredible...

1300ºC (2372ºF)

one of my favourites - such a beautiful glaze!

a spoon parade!

love how the glaze flown

Ets gran - you are grand! - Never forget it! - self esteem pocket stone.

Candy like hand carved porcelain beads

quirky dish

dainty and grace  -love these much..

playing with Collin Garrity pottery tools

I designed and made this wooden tool organizer. It's rounded corner are about my love to retro style.

mugs mugs mugs - my pottery line is about to born

Enjoying a cup of delicious tea from MayumiYceramics cup and flowers from our garden