I'm moving

There are some major changes in my life which take me in new exciting and challenging directions, sometimes out of my comfort zone.
I'll be moving my studio to a new space in August. Is a nice and spacious shared with other artists space in Manacor city situated in a quiet neighborhood.
During this month I host a moving sale at my shop 
All the items are already marked 30% down, no coupon code is required.

Much love,


We are all star dust

Me and my little lynx we prepared a shop update for you. Run and grab your fav necklace made of star dust 


8 years anniversary

Really it all started much before, but in 2010 I opened my Etsy shop and started to share my process here in the blog. Sharing my work became a great motivation to keep going and improve my pictures. All the process starting from thinking, creating, styling and photographing was and is so exciting to me. It was and it is an increadible journey.
On Etsy I stumbled upon a huge makers community which was fascinating. So much inspiration and getting to know so many wonderful persons was a great life experience. In this blog post I'll try to make an overview of these past 8 years of creating and making connections with people. It will be a post filled with much pictures, I hope you'll enjoy it!

In 2010 I played a lot with polymer clay and I think I did something really different.
Sand and herbs combined with cold porcelain and chinese ink.
Lots of beautiful pebbles I found created rings and ear studs. Nature is my lifelong inspiration.

Travel to Holland for an Etsy meet up organized by Marta Pakovska. Marta was so hospital to invite me to stay at their apartment. I love to follow Marta's life since then. Marta's gardening and cooking experience is very inspiring. 

Me, sleeping in a sleeping bag at Marta's and Eduard's apartment.

I was lucky to get to know Nancy Van den Boom. I fallen in love with her colorful paintings of dancing trees.

I could meet in person Mitsy Sleurs. Mitsy and her work have been a great inspiration since I stumbled upon her work. 

GreetVadjutka , Eduard, Marta, Brenda, Matt and I having a dinner just on the channel shore. In Holland style, love it!

At the end of 2010 my first set of post cards was born.

My first ceramic jewelry and wheel thrown pots!
I explore glazed surface, and celebrate unglazed naky clay. As well as raw clay and gemstones combos.

That necklace...

My first photo prints

I discover Majorcan ikat fabric and try my sewing skills.

We are waiting for Roc.

One of my all time fav necklace. "Succulent" necklace. Went to Greece.

Baby Roc is here and was born o Arnau's birthday, on the 16th of November!


Ray of light necklaces. A simple union of raw red clay, pearls and coral. So beautiful, I love it!
Shortly after I put these necklaces out to the world, Catie got in touch with me because she wanted to gift one of these necklaces to herself and another one to her dear friend Missie who had cancer.
This is when your customer becomes more then just customer. Is when you wire your heart to the person or persons and their life stories on the other side of the globe. Catie invited my creations to the relationship with Missy and of course, I got involved too with all my heart. Catie missed Missy badly when she passed away, and I'm sure she still does. Later on Catie visited us with her daughter Marian. She gave me "Why be normal" sticker I put on my car, in Missy rememberance, because she had an exact one on her car too.

My first pit fired pieces

2012 studio view

Classic necklace

Seeds of good hope necklace

Preparing pieces for pit firing.

In December of 2012 I start a new job in a new place full time and full year. 
The change was good for me, but kept me busy and far from my studio, even so...
Here is a glimpse to my creative 2013.

In october of 2013 I was accepted to ceramics school in Pòrtol, where I properly started to wheel throw....

More pit firing and earthiness. I gave name of "Raised from ashes" to my pit fired ceramic jewelry series.

"Tibet" raised from ashes necklace.

Subtle "Sakura" necklace

Second post card set printed out!

Sweet heart Arnau.

Celebrating wildness - stones!

I started to solder and to introduce silver into my designs. 

In 2014 I purchase and install a gas kiln at my studio. I start the adventure of my own firings.
I learn at rakú workshop with Ramon Fort and 2 weeks ceramic molds workshop with Joan Pere Català at Pilar and Joan Miró foundation in Palma in summer.

My very first wheel thrown and trimmed and glazed pots! Yay!

Almond bloom

Slices of life 

With Lluna

 Wild herbs and flowers abundance

My first firings at my studio

More volume! Yeah!

Pieces I made at Raku workshop with Ramon Fort.

Celebrating my birthday at Ceramic molds workshop at Pilar and Joan Miró foundation in Palma.

Inspiring Miró

"Glowing soul" necklace. Gold adds metallic glow to ceramics.

Gold in my ceramic jewelry.

My studio beginning. Almost empty space.

My very first wheel thrown at home and high fired at home pots. Exciting!!!

In December of 2014 I launch gourd shaped line of pots. Scoops and vessels.

bye bye 2014!


My work is being featured in Women in art magazine

I introduce stoneware and porcelain beads to my necklaces....but I'm still so in love with earthiness....

For my birthday I gift to myself one week stay at Ramon Fort ceramics school residence.
Making pots on my birthday. It couldn't be more exciting!

Developing glazes workshop with Joan Pere Català at Pilar nad Joan Miró foundation in Palma.
Right after one week stay at Ramon Fort residence. It was crazy time, but good one...

Super-woman feeling whrowing bigger pots :)

My studio - taking shape
In 2016 I try different clay bodies creating many utilitarian pots improving my wheel throwing skills.
I start developing my conceptual art ceramics project.
I register a domain with my full name and set up a web page as an artist where I define my work for past 7 years. An important work of analysis is done and I'm happy about that.

My very first tea pot

At rakú workshop wut Ana Felipe at Pilar and Joan Miró foundation in Palma


Rosa canina - eye candy design. Love it!

I launch kids workshop at my studio, and I understand I love it.

Finding inspiration in new places and natural textures.

I'm invited to a local art center Dues tintes to teach kids clay. We have 3 month fun!

Kids and clay at home <3 font="">

In 2017 I get involved into a collaboration project with tattoo artist Norman Sànchez.
I make pots and Norman draws designs and engraves them with tattoo machine. Behind every "tattoo" there is a story and meaning. We created some really beautiful pieces so far.

I keep up working on my conceptual art project and my solo show will take place at the end of October of 2018 at Pòrtol ceramics school, Majorca.

I started teaching wheel throwing at my studio.

2017 was especially frantic at my day job as I've been offered to be hotel supervisor. I worked 10-14 hours a day 6 days a week. Finally in the middle of November of 2017 I decided to quit my job at all.
In 2018 I gift myself to myself, to my family, to my studio. I hope you'll enjoy coming along.

With Martina Turquesa

I asked to elaborate prizes for annual Scrabble competiton in Manacor.

Hike with a friend with stunning views.

I'm fortunate to take pictures on my friends

Rita publishes her first book "Besar la terra" in Catalan just before she turns 16. 

My student Aina and her very first tea pot. <3 nbsp="" p="">

I explore wild clays as glazes

Hi there!

At our niece wedding

New post cards! Tea, cats and landscapes. Love them!

We are working on bigger pots.

I keep creating pieces for my show.

Some turquoise goodness <3 nbsp="" p="">

I've got a logo! A dear friend created it for me!

I let pink come into my life <3 p="">

Simplicity and subtlety. Island trays.

Much light

Yellow, yes please!

A starry sky!

Splash of soft bright colors.

Bigger pots

And hands full of new beads.

New pots are in process

And another branch cut  like every year.

I want to thank everyone who followed my journey and a huge thank you to everybody who gave support to my work anytime during these past years. You made it possible! Thank you!
I promise, I'll work with much joy to create more beauty and happy clay experiences for you in the days to come.

To celebrate this anniversary I'll host a giveaway on Instagram. Please, join!
Right now I'm offering a sale at my shop 20% off on all items with coupon code "HAPPY8" until the 31st of January 2018. Go and treat yourself!
<3 nbsp="" p="">Grays, blacks and whites with splashes of light and color will rule in the 2018. Let's go there!